Housing & Community Development

Understanding PAHRA’s Role

The Pennsylvania Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies (PAHRA) is an affiliation of Pennsylvania's housing authorities, redevelopment authorities, community development agencies, nonprofit corporations, and for-profit companies providing products and services for the housing and community development industry. The purposes of PAHRA are to disseminate information relating to housing and community development; study and analyze national, state, and local legislation affecting housing and community development; provide a channel for the frequent exchange of ideas, experiences and innovations within the fields of housing and community development; and increase public understanding of the methods and objectives of housing and community development agencies.


PAHRA publishes the Monitor Magazine three times each year.  This publication serves as a resource for housing, redevelopment and community development agencies and their industry partners.

Click here to view or download the Monitor Winter 2016-17 Edition.

Click here to view or download the Monitor Spring 2016 Edition.