Westmoreland County Housing Authority Honored by Diversity Coalition

Michael L. Washowich, Executive Director of the Westmoreland County Housing Authority, was recently honored by the Westmoreland County Diversity Coalition as a member of its Hidden Treasures program at Ferrante’s Lakeview in Greensburg.

The Diversity Coalition is a community-based nonprofit membership organization that is poised to bring people together to promote diversity from all walks of life, generate greater understanding and acceptance, and to help create through advocacy and education an atmosphere in Westmoreland County where all people feel welcome.

Carlotta Paige, co-founder and co-chair of the Coalition, praised Mr. Washowich for his role in WCHA’s success in providing quality, affordable housing to residents in Westmoreland County.

The Hidden Treasures Series recognizes amazing individuals that live and/or work in Westmoreland County that have a significant impact, mostly “behind-the-scenes”, on the community.  It is appreciation for those with dedication, commitment, and a passion that affects many lives through the program(s) they direct or service(s) that they provide.

Michael Washowich is one of those people “behind the scenes” making it happen every day.  Congratulations Mike!