Keystone CORE Services Webinar – March 2

Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s subsidiary organization, Keystone CORE (Community Oriented Real Estate) Services, provides technical assistance to communities who have a real estate project in their commercial or neighborhood district that the market has not addressed.  Some of the services to be considered are: a site feasibility study, assistance creating a developer’s RFP, blighted property inventory, etc. 

Please refer to the pre-application for the full list of technical assistance services.  KCS is accepting pre-applications from communities and/or property owners interested in technical assistance provided by Keystone CORE Services.  Pre-applications must be completed by March 27th.

PDC, on behalf of Keystone CORE Services, will provide a webinar to review and explain the KCS Pre-Application and answer any questions that applicants may have.  The webinar will be held on March 2nd at 10:00 AM.  Click here to register.  For questions prior to the webinar, feel free to reach out to or