2020 Operating Funds Released into eLOCCS – President Signs Funding Measure Averting Government Shutdown Through December 20

Due to concerns stemming from the previous expiring Continuing Resolution (CR), the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has obligated Operating Funds to Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) for January and part of February into the Electronic Line of Credit Control System (eLOCCS).  Partial funding for February is included with the January funding and will appear as one month in eLOCCS.  HUD was not able to fund the entire month of February as the previous CR only provided funding to PHAs through mid-February.  HUD wanted to ensure PHAs could access all appropriated funding for the Operating Fund, which operates on a calendar year basis.  HUD used 2019 Operating Fund eligibility to determine January and partial February obligations.

Meanwhile, on Friday, November 22, President Trump signed into law a month-long funding measure that averts a government shutdown and extends current funding through December 20.  This provides appropriators with more time to reach an agreement on a final spending bill.