The PA Race Horse Development and Gaming Act (Act 2004-71), as amended, provides for the distribution of gaming revenues through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) to support projects in the public interest within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Local Share Account Statewide (LSA) has already been a boon to communities in its first year, offering no-match grant funds and the option to apply to cover design costs that are often hard to find a way to pay for. In addition — new this year — LSA grants can also be used to fund sidewalks that are not publicly owned so long as they are “for public use.”

What routes and corridors through your community have been identified as key routes to schools or parks or other everyday destinations and need to be improved? Do you have an Active Transportation Plan that highlights where those priority areas might be? The potential for this funding to be available for sidewalks is super exciting!

Additional eligible uses of funds include: Building Acquisition – Construction to include renovation and rehabilitation – Demolition – Planning, consulting, and design costs related to planning projects – Engineering, design, and inspection, including permitting fees.

Eligible applicants include: Counties – Municipalities – Municipal Authorities – Economic Development Agencies – Redevelopment Authorities – Land Banks – Councils of Government

Click here to view program guidelines, requirements, and application procedures.

Applications will be accepted through November 30, 2023.